Ranger Neo 4 4k-UHD Top class TV & Satellite Analyser

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4k-UHD Top class TV & Satellite Analyser

Signal- and Spectrum Analysers should be accurate, designed for rugged use in rough conditions, and be extremely reliable. This is what Promax’ Ranger 3 and 4 Field Strength Analysers are for WiFi, TV, CATV and Satellite signals. The multi-purpose Promax units have been thoroughly tested by thousands of technicians across the world. Whether you are testing WiFi, TV, Satellite, or CATV signal: the Promax Ranger Neo 3 and Neo 4 devices will perform for many years. The Ranger Neo 4 Spectrum- and Signal Analyser supports 4k decoding.
Technicians can improve their installation work, their troubleshooting, and deal with the many challenges in the wireless world with its ever-changing mix of video delivery platforms.

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The RANGER Neo 4 is a professional Field Strength Meter and Spectrum Analyzer that is part of a new breed of multifunction, TV, Satellite, CATV and WIFI analyzers. This variant is the rackmount variant of the portable Neo4 Analyser.

They are intended to help expert installers and broadcast engineers not only to make their classic installation and troubleshooting work easier but also to deal with the many challenges brought about by the wireless world and the new video delivery platforms.

HEVC H.265 decoding and exceptional spectrum analyser capabilities are at the heart of the RANGER Neo 4 field strength meter surrounded by many functions such as WiFi analysis (including real spectrum display), wide band LNB compatibility, constellation diagram, dynamic echoes analysis, etc…, all in a very compact and light weight product ideal for field work.

  • 4K decoder
  • DVB-T2/C2/S2, DSS, Dolby Digital Plus
  • Network Delay Margin
  • T2-MI analysis
  • GPS for drive test measurements
  • DAB and DAB+ digital radio
  • Super spectrum analyzer with Triple split display
  • IPTV analyzer
  • High resolution filters
  • TS-ASI input and output
  • Common Interface slot
  • Transport stream analyzer, recorder and player
  • Dynamic echoes analysis
  • Touch screen
  • HEVC H.265 decoding
  • Wide band LNB compatibility
  • Wi-Fi analyzer
  • webControl remote control
  • Merogram and Spectrogram
  • Fibre optics
  • More than 4 hours battery time


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