About us

Europe4U B.V. represents reknown manufacturers such as www.promax.es, with well known products such as the Promax Ranger Neo3 and Neo4 field strength meter.


As a second line of business, companies typically hire Europe4U to:

  1. Find new clients in Europe
  2. Permanently externalise sales efforts- and people (outplacement)
  3. Directorship – Board Membership
  4. Have a base on continental Europe if you have a UK based EMEA headquarters (Brexit scenario)
  5. Make your sales force greener because of Europe4U’s closer geographic proximity to your clients in the Benelux and surrounding countries
  6. Add a language to your list of capabilities (French, English, German and Dutch spoken)
  7. Temporary, ad-hoc projects such as a market introduction or a due diligence survey


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