New Promax Ranger Neo 3 and 4 stock

The world's leading manufacturer of Field Strength Analysers,, proudly announces various new product variants. Available through Europe4U, please enquire for the latest new features & specifications.

New Q5X Network Gateway has released a brand new network gateway, QG-N3. It connects to many devices and covers large geographical area's and stages / sets. Even better: it's fully web based so a technician can monitor all devices with only 1 gateway... and from only 1 PC.

New Avateq RF Monitor coming up!

Wow, a new sibling in the Avateq family coming up. The AVQ 100 will be a budget-friendly device yielding professional results. The other AVQ 1020 and AVQ 1022 devices generate scientific level accuracies. Submit your email if you want to test the device!

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