AVQ 1020 ActiveCore RF Layer Monitoring Receiver

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Based on ActiveCore® Platform, AVQ1020 is a monitoring receiver and signal analyzer for all major digital broadcasting standards including proprietary modulation schemes. It has been designed as an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for monitoring digital transmitter system performance. The receiver can be integrated into a transmitter system for remote monitoring applications or used as a stand-alone unit during design verification, production tests and system calibration.


AVQ 100 AVQ 1020 AVQ 1022
Physical package Portable 1RU Rack Mount 1RU Rack Mount
Refresh Rate <= 15 seconds <= 15 seconds <= 1 second
MER/SNR measurements Up to 40 dB Up to 50 dB Up to 50 dB
Network Interface Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet
Contact closure No x2 (DB9F) x2 (DB9F)
Optimal F Signal Input SMA, -20 dBm N Female, -20 dBm N Female, -20 dBm
2nd RF Signal Input No Optional Optional
Internal GPS Rx No No Optional
Off-Air RF Input Yes No Optional
Portable Version Yes No Optional
Standard Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Standard Frequency Range 100 …. 1000 MHz 100 …. 1000 MHz 100 …. 1000 MHz
Extended Frequency Range (100 … 2150 MHz) Optional up to 1800 MHz No Optional up to 2150 MHz
Standard Input Range -80 … +10 dBm -50 … +5 dBm -70 … +5 dBm
Web GUI measuring tools Basic Basic Granular
SFN Echo Profile Monitoring Yes No Yes
SNMP Support V2c, V3 V3 V2c, V3
Accuracy: Spectral Measurements, dB 3 0,5 0,5
Accuracy: MER/SNR, dB 2 1 1


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